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guest house kolkata
Second Home

is a small but beautiful Guest House In Kolkata, Salt Lake.It is the most elegant and luxurious establishment in and around Salt Lake.The decor is classy and the cleanliness impeccable.There are 24hr attendants so the service is round-the-clock.
At the end of a hard day's work everybody needs a comfortable stay equipped with all modern amenities.This is where Second Home wishes to make a difference.

Whether it is for the international visitor looking for a world class stay or the Engineer from down south searching for his perfect vegetarian meal, we can make a difference.
We believe that for all the people who need the services of a Guest House for their own visits or their esteemed visitors in Kolkata,our place gives them all the privacy in the world plus the comforts and homeliness of a home away from home. All at a price much below what one would expect to pay in a star hotel.